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SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics 2H 2022 Release: Summary

What people analytics updates took place as part of the SAP SuccessFactors H2 2022 release and what do they mean for your reporting and analytics?

In late 2022, SAP SuccessFactors released a series of people analytics updates as part of their 2H 2022 release. As part of 3n Strategy's ongoing commitment to our customers and community, the blog below is our take on the updates - what is good, what is less good, and why it should matter to you. 



When will the SuccessFactors People Analytics 2H 2022 Release be available?

The 2H 2022 release has been available in Preview since 28 October 2022 and has in Production since 9 December 2022.

 SuccessFactors People Analytics H2 2022 Release Report Stories Workforce Analytics

What are the top features in the SuccessFactors People Analytics 2H 2022 Release?


Update: Favorite reports quick card available on home page

What is the update?

There is a new Favorite Reports quick card on the reimagined SuccessFactors home page.  To add reports to this quick card, users are able to mark reports as favorites in Report Center by clicking the star icon located to the left of each report.  In the Favorite Reports quick card, users can then click the report name to run the report.


Why is the Favorite Reports quick card important?

The Favorite Reports quick card allows users to create a list of their most frequently accessed reports on the SuccessFactors home page for quick access. 


SuccessFactors Favorite Reports quick card


What is the 3n Strategy take on the Favorite Reports quick card?

We think this can be particularly useful for users that want quick access to reports and  anticipate senior leaders using this feature to be able to rapidly run reports for data-driven decision making.



Update: New granular proxy rights for reporting, including Report Stories and Workforce Analytics reports

 What is the update?

Until now, when proxy rights are granted, the proxy user could access all Report Center functionality and run any reports on behalf of the account user.   Going forward, users can decide what features and reports are made available to the proxy user.  This includes

  • Specific Reports: Ability to run all or a custom list of the user's Report Center reports.
  • Report Schedules:  Ability to see scheduled jobs and download scheduled reports.
  • Report Creation: Ability to create reports on behalf of the account user.


Why are the granular proxy rights important?

For Reporting, proxy access was previously an all-or-nothing proposition.  Now users can better tailor the proxy setup so that access to specific reporting functionality and reports, including sensitive and/or confidential information, can be more precisely managed.


What is the 3n Strategy take on granular proxy rights?

Customers are advised to be cautious about how widely proxy rights are applied for their SuccessFactors modules.  These updates will help them thoughtfully apply proxy rights to reporting tools.



Update: Enhancements to Report Stories schemas 

What is the update?

There are a number of schema enhancements in Report Stories, including

  • Opportunity Marketplace Assignments schema now available
  • Career Development Planning: Career Worksheet now available
  • Form Template modules: Localized Labels available


Why are these schema updates important?

If you want to report on these modules or functionality then you now have this opportunity. 


What is the 3n Strategy take on schema updates?

Report Stories is the go-forward solution for operation reporting in the SuccessFactors suite and SAP's continued investment proves that it will be that key solution in the years to come.



Update: Report Stories Performance Improvements

What is the update?

SAP has made notable Report Stories performance improvements across the following categories:

  • Report execution and load times
  • Stability
  • Error message improvements


Why are these Report Stories performance improvements important?

For many customers, Report Stories performance has been a challenge.  SAP has committed to improving the Report Stories experience and while the job is not finished, real progress is being made.


What is the 3n Strategy take on Report Stories performance improvements?

Report Stories is a priority for SAP and this shows that they are serious about providing customers with a strong operational reporting solution.  Customers who may have tried Report Stories in the past should continue to monitor these improvements.   


3n Strategy

3n Strategy is the leading SAP SuccessFactors reporting and analytics partner. We enable high-performance HR and People Analytics functions to unlock the power of their data to answer HR Questions and to Make Better People Decisions. Work with us to accelerate the adoption of data-driven HR and people analytics, SuccessFactors technology, data strategy and strategic workforce planning in your organisation.

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