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Using SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics at Permanent TSB [Video and Takeaways]

By 3n Strategy on June, 9 2020
HR Analytics Example Using HR Analytics at Permanent TSB
3n Strategy has been helping Permanent TSB accelerate their journey towards data-driven HR decision-making using the SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics module. Now, a couple of years into their journey, Permanent TSB share their successes, learnings and tips for other businesses. 
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In the video, you'll learn:
  • The value Permanent TSB have seen from Workforce Analytics (and why that's not what they originally thought) 
  • How SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics has enabled more powerful conversations across the business, to empower their people-first strategy 
  • How Permanent TSB have compounded the value of Workforce Analytics by empowering internal customers to self-serve insights - and what that looks like in practice
Watch the video below or skip straight to the takeaways underneath. 




Here are the major takeaways from the video: 


What has the value of SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics been for Permanent TSB?


1. Better evidence-based conversations with business leaders

"In my role as an HR Business Partner, I would use HR analytics to have meaningful evidence-based conversations with business leaders about people trends in their business. Being able to articulate those in the context of business performance. So talking to our business leaders about those trends in our people issues across the business impact their business and bottom line."

~David Smith, HR Lead, Digital Transformation Programme

2. A robust fact base to support higher-level conversations

"Without using data to make decisions you are relying on anecdotal evidence, you're relying on information that isn't necessarily accurate. It provides you with a fantastic fact base to have your meaningful conversations at the level you're required to have those conversations at".

~Fiona Culligan, Senior Manager, Workforce Analytics

3. Better strategic decision-making at Board level

"At the outset, the vision was to start with self-service. It was to optimise the time within that efficiency and effectiveness bracket. But once we started using the tool we realised it was much more strategic and had a much greater value beyond the efficiency and effectiveness and could really support the decision [making] at the board level. So the vision for PTSB moved very quickly from self-service to strategic effectiveness."

~Karen Hackett, Head of HR Operations

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How did Permanent TSB accelerate Workforce Analytics adoption across the whole business?


1. Using 3n Strategy's 'questioning approach'

"When deciding how to build our dashboards and reports we actually use a method that we learned from 3n Strategy. It is very simple and effective: To use a questioning approach. What is the employee related question that we are trying to answer? We keep that at the forefront of our minds when creating dashboards and reports, and we only include information that which in some way answers that question, or that provides an insight into answering that question."

~Amy Randall, Senior HR Analytics Specialist

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2. Working with internal customers to codify their biggest goals and questions 

"In order to provide the best value for our internal customers, it's about working closely with them and what are they trying to achieve. What is their end goal? Are they having a particular business problem they are looking to solve? Or are they just looking to make an employee related decision that we can support, that we can help with? Once we've gathered the requirements it's about working closely with them to establish that we are providing data that actually answers those questions."

~Mervin Philip, HR Data Analyst

3. Ensuring executive buy-in upfront 

"Have the investment at the executive level. If you don't have that, then you are not going to mobilise the behaviour shift that you are trying to change and influence."

~Karen Hackett, Head of HR Operations

4. Learning how to present data in a user-friendly way

"I think there are many skills that are required to work in a workforce analytics team. There are loads that you could choose from but there are some that I think are really important above others. They are attention to detail, decision-making, problem solving, and communication and visualisation skills. Because if you put all of your time into your analysis but you are not able to present it in a way that is user-friendly, the value of your insights can get lost."

~Amy Randall, Senior HR Analytics Specialist

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On working with 3n Strategy... 

"Our team have worked very hard over the last number of months to build their skills and knowledge, and with support from 3n Strategy we've come a long way in improving the way we report, improving the decisions that we have enabled, and ensuring that our reporting, our analytics and our packs are in a very good place."

~Fiona Culligan, Senior Manager, Workforce Analytics

3n Strategy are a consulting firm who help businesses accelerate the adoption of evidence-based decision-making. We're SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics experts with over a decade's experience helping more than 50 global customers roll-out analytics successfully - and drive the maximum value that comes from being a data-driven business.
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