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Empowering HR Expertise During HR Planning Cycles: Use Evidence
By 3n Strategy on August 3, 2020

This article was originally published in The HR Director in June under the original title "Empowering HR Expertise and Intuition During HR...

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Using SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics at Permanent TSB [Video and Takeaways]
By 3n Strategy on June 9, 2020

3n Strategy has been helping Permanent TSB accelerate their journey towards data-driven HR decision-making using the SuccessFactors Workforce...

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What is the Employee Experience?
By 3n Strategy on June 5, 2020

Article written by Stela Lupushor. Stela will be presenting on our 'What is the Employee Experience' webinar on 30 June. Please click here for...

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Five Factors that Accelerate the Adoption of Data Driven HR
By 3n Strategy on May 29, 2020

Achieving success with HR and people analytics requires more than implementing a beautiful HR analytics dashboard or producing a clever report...

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Top 5 HR Dashboards Created Using SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics
By 3n Strategy on May 18, 2020

If you're on the fence about implementing SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics, there's a fairly good chance you don't know the scope of what you...

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